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Our staff at the Yeshiva Eitz Chaim-The Skill Building Center includes special education teachers, assistants who have been trained to meet the language and social needs of our students, consulting reading specialists as well as speech and occupational therapists.

Meet Our Founders:

Rabbi Reuven Eidlitz.

Rabbi Reuven Eidlitz, founder and principal of Yeshiva Eitz Chaim and the Skill Building Center, has spent time learning in The Yeshiva of Long Beach, Ponovezh Yeshiva and Bais Medrash Govoha. Rabbi Eidlitz was also a Mesivta Rebbi for eleventh and twelfth grades in Yeshiva Zichron Yaakov for 3 years. Rabbi Eidlitz is in touch with Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky, who provides guidance for all school and student-related matters.

Sarah Eidlitz MA, Sp. Ed.

Mrs. Sarah Eidlitz, founder and director of the Skill Building Center and Bnos Bracha, holds a Master of Science in Special Education from Touro College, granted in 1999. She has taught extensively in classrooms and in 1:1 settings throughout New York and New Jersey. Mrs. Eidlitz has received post-graduate training under certified psychological therapists, and she herself has developed a theory that combines an understanding of behavioral theories and Attachment Theory. Additionally, Mrs. Eidlitz maintains an ongoing collaboration with speech and language pathologists who assist in evaluating student needs and designing language-based programs. Mrs. Eidlitz is passionate about creating and maintaining a calm, loving atmosphere in the school, while helping each child understand and reach his/her own potential. She also focuses on helping each child develop a relationship with Hashem.