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About The Skill Building Center

Our intensive, full-time program addresses the needs of children ages 4 to 13 whose learning or social challenges prevent them from fully succeeding in a traditional classroom setting. Some of our students just need more time and attention so that they can mature before entering a mainstream environment. After one or two years at The Skill Building Center, these children can often go on to flourish in a mainstream school setting. Other children require the specialized learning structure for the long term, due to more serious learning, behavioral, and/or social difficulties.

Much of our success can be attributed to our teachers, who are both extremely devoted and attuned to each student’s needs. The children feel the teachers’ love and commitment, and this is a huge catalyst for growth.

An emphasis on character development and moral education is a strong part of our program.  The children are taught to develop self-awareness and compassion for others and to treat those around them with respect.

Students are taught individually and in small classes, ensuring that each child receives undiluted attention. Our comprehensive program meets their academic, social and emotional needs, preparing them for what lies ahead, so they are on par with their peers.


Throughout the day, our students are integrated into the mainstream classes of our sister schools, Yeshiva Eitz Chaim and Bnos Bracha. Rather than being isolated with other special needs children, the students spend part of their time within a traditional classroom where they are accepted and appreciated. This is not only of great benefit to the self-esteem and skills of the Skill Building Center students; it also benefits the mainstream students, giving them exposure to and compassion for all different types of children.