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Its been about a year since we decided to send our son Shuie to The Skill Building Center, and we can comfortably say that the result were unbelievable. Shuie had a rough time getting along with other kids, he wanted to always keep to himself, take care of himself and not really be involved with other children. We've seen over the year that he's partaken with the other children and he's popular among the other children, and its really moving for us to see this because we never thought this would happen.

- Mordechai Dresdner

The Skill Building Center fills a real need in the community that people don't even realize. Not every child can succeed in a traditional Yeshiva environment, especially at a young age. By reading and individual personal program for each child they're really taught to overcome any weaknesses they may have, and to build on their strengths. They learn to understand themselves, to become problem solvers and these are skills that they need for life.

Not only has the school given our children confidence and love, and they're thriving, it actually surpassed their expectations. My daughter is completing her one year here, and when we sent her to apply to a different school, she actually was above average in reading and pretty much everything, they were very impress with her

- Chaya Kahn

This is my sons second year in The Skill Building Center, and we are so thrilled with the progress that he's made over the past year and a half. One of the things that we love about the school is that when we have a concern or we have and idea, it is immediately thought about and implemented. Its not like in another school where someone will say "Yeah, they'll get to it"

I would want to send any child there, I would want to send all my children to the school, because I would want any school to be doing this, to be trying to meet their specific educational and emotional needs.

- Malka Arons


My father was an educator for over 40 years. We lived in such places as Richmond, VA, and St. Louis Missouri. We started off in Richmond in the late 60's. He started a day school there, was actually the first Menahel of a day school there in 1969. One of my fathers biggest concerns for the jewish education was that there was not a system in place, or a program in place for children that had learning disabilities children that required extra attention whether it be because of educational difficulties or behavioral difficulties and sometimes those two are completely related. They did not have a program in the Torah/Yeshiva world that they could enroll in and get the education that they deserve.

Ironically my son Aryeh was diagnosed with sensory integration disfunction, the irony being that he would require a school that would cater to his needs specifically, and I was face with what my father had feared was happening to jewish education in general. Mrs. Eidlitz interviewed Ari, and after some discussion really felt that she could help him. We were literally overjoyed with the prospects of Ari going to a Yeshiva and getting the assistance that he needed

- Nachum Kaplan